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Bradley Academy Museum and Cultural Center 

Visit the Bradley Academy Museum and Cultural Center located at 415 S Academy St, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. The museum is housed in an old school building that now serves as a community center and museum. Learn about the school’s history, African-American involvement in education, and restoration. If you love history, you’ll want to visit this museum! The first step is to get the address. Find out if the museum has a website.


The Bradley Academy Museum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is a historic school building that serves as a museum and community center. Located on the city’s southern edge, the museum is dedicated to the community’s history. Visitors can view many historical items and enjoy educational exhibits. The museum’s history is fascinating and provides a valuable window into the city’s past. A great post


Myrtle G. Lord was born in Murfreesboro and attended Bradley Academy School. She also earned a B.S. degree from A and I College in Nashville and attended the University of Michigan and Fisk University. She taught for 42 years and later worked in the city’s recreation department. She was married to John L. Lord and was a member of the Church of God.


The Bradley Academy Museum is a historic school building in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Today, it is a cultural center and museum. The building was built in 1893 and now serves as both a museum and community center. The museum features artifacts from the school’s past as well as the history of the town. Here are some interesting facts about the school. Read on to learn more about its mission and operations.


The first attempt to restore the Academy was in 1830 by John Bradley. The property he donated was located east of Lebanon pike. The next year, he established the Hopewell Academy. Despite the reorganization efforts, integration didn’t take place until the 1960s. In 1955, Bradley Academy moved to its current location and used the building as a maintenance facility for the Murfreesboro City Schools. In 2014, the Bradley Academy Historical Association (BAHA) was formed to restore the building and make it a multi-use educational facility.


The historic school building in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is home to the Bradley Academy Museum, a place to learn about and explore the African-American involvement in education in the community. The museum is a place to learn about the history of the school, but it also serves as a cultural center and museum for the community. The museum features artifacts and displays that illustrate the importance of African-American involvement in education.


The African-American involvement in education exhibit at Bradley Academy Museum and Cultural Center is being expanded by MTSU students. The exhibit was developed 16 years ago, but museum officials hope to expand the focus of the exhibit. The museum is preparing to move into a new administrative structure, which makes the exhibit all the more timely. It’s not surprising that students are aiming to keep the museum’s history alive.


The historic Bradley Academy Museum is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Today, this historic school building serves as a museum and cultural center. Its restored interior will feature artifacts of the school’s past. Designed by architect William Eakins, the building has an amazing history and is a perfect combination of museum and community center. During restoration, the community will get to see the school’s colorful history through interactive displays.


The history exhibit at the Bradley Academy Museum, created by graduate students of MTSU, will be celebrated. The exhibit is called Education and Empowerment: African American Educational History in Rutherford County. The museum will host a reception to celebrate the new exhibit on May 26 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The event will be free to attend, and light refreshments will be served. It will also coincide with the Red and Black Holloway Reunion, a Memorial Day weekend celebration for former students of Holloway High School. Click for more


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