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How Often Should You Clean Gutters?

If you are interested in learning how often you should clean your gutters, this article will explain how the weather can affect how often you need to do so. It will also touch on the cost of gutter cleaning, safety precautions, and the impact of clogged gutters on your home. The information provided in this article is useful for both new and experienced home owners. Also, if you’re wondering how often you should clean your gutters, read on for more tips and tricks.

Weather Affects How Often You Need to Clean Your Gutters

The amount of rain and snow your area receives will also impact how often you need to clean your gutters. In areas like Texas, where winters are particularly cold, you may need to clean your gutters more frequently than in other parts of the country. The right amount of rainfall will keep your gutters free of debris and direct water away from your home. Check your gutters twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

The number of times you need to clean your gutters will depend on several factors, such as the weather and proximity to trees. People living in a heavily rainy climate may need to clean their gutters more often than those in drier regions. A semiannual cleaning schedule is safe for a diligent homeowner, but this may be under-kill for some homeowners. The good news is that cleaning your gutters is important for preventing damage to your home and the environment. Click for next article

Cost of Gutter Cleaning

The cost of gutter cleaning depends on the length of your home’s roofline and the complexity of your home’s gutters. Single-story homes are easiest to clean. Multiple-story homes require specialized ladders and scaffolds to clean. Additionally, these jobs may require two technicians to keep the roofline safe. The cost of gutter cleaning can run anywhere from $90 to $105 per linear foot. The cost of gutter cleaning increases dramatically for a multi-story home and steeply pitched rooflines.

You can determine the price of gutter cleaning by using the linear foot method or the square footage method. The former method is more precise but takes longer. Simply measure the length of your gutters around your home, making sure to calculate the amount of square feet. Then, multiply that number by $1 for a one-story home and $2 for a two-story house. The second method is more expedient, but less accurate. You can multiply the total square footage by $0.40 per square foot for a single-story home and $2 for a two-story home.

Safety Precautions

Before you begin your gutter cleaning, be sure to wear protective gear, including a sturdy ladder, long-sleeve shirt, and pants. You should also wear safety glasses, gloves, and non-slip footwear. It is also helpful to wear protective eyewear, because gutter debris can contain splinters, insects, and animal waste. A thick pair of work gloves is especially important, as they protect you from dirt and bacteria.

Never stand on rungs of a ladder. Even seasoned roofers have trouble holding onto the top rungs of a ladder. Also, be sure to check the weather forecast before you begin cleaning. Inclement weather increases the risk of tripping, so be careful and wear appropriate clothing. If the weather isn’t good, have someone else hold the ladder for you. On a single story building, use a pressure sprayer rather than a ladder.

Impact of Clogged Gutters on Your Home

In addition to damaging the exterior of your home, a clogged drainage system can bring water into the house. Although the effects are typically not dramatic, water can slowly seep into the walls and ceilings of your home. Excessive water exposure can lead to warping, rotting, and weakened parts of your home. You may also find that you are attracted to unwanted pests by flies that are attracted to the dampness. Click for more info

When water and snow build up in the gutters, the water can freeze and form ice dams. These dams can weaken the structure of the roof, leading to a higher risk of water damage. Furthermore, standing water attracts a number of insects, including mosquitoes, which can pose a health risk. Consequently, clogged gutters may be a source of pest infestation.


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