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Oaklands Mansion

If you’re interested in learning about the history of Tennessee, then you’ll probably want to visit Oaklands Mansion located at 900 N Maney Ave, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. The mansion is a historic house museum on the National Register of Historic Places. Its unique Italianate design makes it an interesting attraction. You can also explore the history of Rippaville Plantation, which is nearby. The museum’s staff will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.


Maney family

In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the Maney family owned a historic house museum known as the Oaklands Mansion. The mansion is a landmark on the National Register of Historic Places. This Italianate design house is a local landmark with a fascinating history. You can see the Maney family’s life, work, and relationships while enjoying a visit to the Oaklands Mansion. A great place to also visit is Discovery Center at Murfree Spring


The Maney family lived in the mansion from 1832 to 1929. They owned the Oaklands Plantation and built it by slave labor. The building holds special significance for Confederate supporters as the site of the Murfreesboro surrender and the defeat of Union troops. This place also played a role in the Jim Crow era. While visiting the Oaklands Mansion, be sure to ask about the history of the family and learn more about the local culture and history.


Visit the Oaklands Mansion, a historic house museum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This Italianate-styled landmark is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a local landmark. You can also take the family to explore the nearby Rippaville Plantation. Oaklands Mansion has been around since 1790, and is now open to the public.


The mansion was once owned by a physician named Dr. Maney. It fell into disrepair and was eventually vandalized. In 1858, H.C. Elrod sold the property to the city of Murfreesboro. The city purchased the Oaklands Mansion for $40,000, and began the restoration process. Oaklands was later returned to the community and many artifacts were restored. In 1958, the City of Murfreesboro purchased the property from a local realtor. They had plans to demolish the mansion for the purpose of building public housing, but the Oaklands Association organized and saved it. Within a year, they had the property deeded and had begun restoration work.


The historic house museum at Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is a must-see attraction for history buffs. This museum, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a nationally recognized landmark known for its Italianate design and unique history. Founded in 1890 by the Swoope-Darrow family, the Oaklands Mansion is a prime example of mid-twentieth-century Southern architecture.


Currently, the museum is undergoing re-certification as an arboretum, which would include historical information about the building’s inhabitants. Oaklands Mansion also sits within Oaklands Park, which is a protected wetland area and natural spring. Another important piece of Oaklands Mansion is its 130-foot-tall white oak tree, which is registered as a Tennessee Landmark and on the Historic Tree Register. It was first planted in the 1770s and is the oldest tree in the county.


If you’re looking for a great way to learn about the history of your home state, consider a visit to the Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This landmark is on the National Register of Historic Places, and its Italianate architecture is unique. You can tour the mansion and learn more about the McKnight family, which lived in the house from 1856 to 1905. See more here


The mansion was once owned by the Maney family. Slaves built the mansion, so it holds a special meaning for Confederate supporters. In fact, the property is where Union troops were defeated after the Murfreesboro surrender. To understand the significance of the mansion’s history, you should consider the family’s contribution to the local culture. The McKnight family’s influence was significant in the founding of the Murfreesboro First Baptist Church.


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